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Development Lead - ASI - Advertising Specialties Institute

5/1/2015 - Present
  • Led team of five developers to develop features and fix bugs
  • Provided hands-on assistance with coding problems
  • Responsible for reviewing and merging all pull requests
  • Tackled complex low-level development tasks like our repository framework
  • Designed extensible notification framework to speed development and reduce bugs
  • Quickly mastered subject material to provide feedback to business analysts on how users would use the application
  • Collaborated with Business Analysts to design customer solutions
  • Architected scalable coding solutions for bulk import with complex merging logic
  • Created apis to support internal and external teams. We had five distinct consumers of our apis we supported
  • Managed the build server pipeline
  • Automated deployment scripts
  • Refactored deployment strategy to use Octopus Deploy and reduce time from build to deployment from hours to minutes
  • Facilitated product support team with new scripts to fix data for customers or accomodate personal requests
  • Designed console application to integrate with our business logic to manage Entity Framework migrations, solve one-off product
  • Conceived solutions for migrating data into ElasticSearch
  • Pushed for using latest technologies to improve development experience and productivity
  • Led workshops demonstrating new developer tools, new processes and coding best practices

Software Developer - Karr Barth Administrators

11/1/2013 - 5/1/2015
  • Took leadership on many projects which I conceived, designed, developed, tested, published, and maintained.
  • Modernized processes and streamlined development workflows to reduce time spent on boilerplate code, maintaining project references, and designing unit tests
  • Implemented SQL schema source control
  • Drove development towards a single cross-platform web-based solution
  • Worked closely with team members to find the best solution to our problems
  • Architected layered framework for web front end to database backend with dependency injection for unit testing

Programmer - Computer Aid, Inc

1/1/2011 - 10/31/2013
  • Spearheaded the design and development of three separate applications end-to end. Wrote all the code and fixed all the bugs for this set of applications within the larger project, consisting of 12 applications.
  • Developed an MVP code structure in C# for use in the reworked app
  • Designed and implemented C# code for complex SQL data migration
  • Integrated multiple software pieces through use and maintenance of APIs
  • Collaborated with team members to create modern software using the latest technologies such as ASP.NET 4.5, LINQ, and jQuery 2.0
  • Designed and refactored database structures to meet business requirements, increase performance, and simplify storage
  • Researched and implemented solutions to improve system performance
  • Worked remotely for a year with high productivity and communication skills



C#, LINQ (Linq2Sql and Entity Framework), ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC, Twitter Bootstrap, SignalR, MSSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Typescript, HTML5, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, Architecture




Visual Basic .NET, Perl, Python, OpenGL, Scheme, Prolog, F#



  • GPA: 3.5 / 4.0 in Computer Science, 3.2 / 4.0 overall
  • Relevant Courses: Programming I and II, computer hardware, database management and applications, data structures and algorithms, assembly language, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.
  • Relevant Projects:
    • Reconstructed an application in PHP for The Collaboratory, a Messiah College student service organization, to track student attendance.
    • Wrote a plugin for the Eclipse IDE with Google Wave to create a realtime collaborative development experience. More info in the Achievements section.


  • At Karr Barth Administrators I was brought on to support the three-person team of software developers. I was able to take the leadership on many projects which I conceived, designed, developed, tested, published, and maintained. I brought many modern ideas and workflows to the team. We were able to streamline our development process and after losing a member of our three person team we were able to continue without a new hire due to my ability to get work done correctly and in a timely matter.
  • As a junior developer, I had assumed the role of a senior developer on my team at Computer Aid Inc. I have made many key design and architectural decisions. I was often the go-to person to answer technical questions on our team, even when I only had two years of experience. I led our team to many design decisions that have saved countless hours in coding time.


  • For my college senior project I wrote an Eclipse IDE plugin and wrote a paper that was published by ACM. The plugin for the used Java to create real-time collaborative coding environment built on the Google Wave protocol. I designed and developed the project by utilizing APIs from various sources and experimented with emerging open source technologies. Our paper was published by ACM and the project was presented at the 2010 SIGITE conference. The paper is available at and the code source is available at
  • I'm often active on, sharpening my skills and assisting others. I have earned a reputation over 16,000, putting me in the 2nd percentile of users by reputation.

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